Fattoria Corzano e Paterno > Cheese > Rocco, very similar to a goats cheese


It is small in size and has that same lactic acid texture which you find in a good ‘chevre’. We add a tiny amount of rennet to the milk so it curdles slowly and makes it very different from all our other selection. It comes in three variations:
Rocco al Papavero is a fresh cheese covered in poppy seeds to be eaten after 3 days or even better it can be aged for longer and wrapped up in its silver paper.

Rocco is square and is completely covered with an edible white mould , ready to eat after 1 month from the production.

Rocco al Carbon is round and has a sprinkle of wood ash on the surface, this tends to create a lot of ooziness under the rind and please eat up all the bits !

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