Il Passito di Corzano

IGT Toscana Passito Bianco

Bottles produced
2.000 half bottles
Malvasia and Trebbiano
Current Vintage

This wine since the introduction of the DOC Vin Santo del Chianti in 1995 is
not allowed to be labelled with the denomination  Vin Santo as the Alcohol level
must be a minimum of 13% by vol. therefore is is labelled as IGT.

Carefully selected bunches of Trebbiano and Malvasia are hanged to dry in our “Vinsantaia”. After approximately 3 months of ageing the shrivelled berries are selected again, gently crushed and pressed for 24 hours. The must, once decanted for 7 days is put in the traditionl “Caratelli” (50-100litres small wood casks) on the mother yeast. The casks are sealed and left in a well ventilated room called “Vinsantaia”for 13 years without any intervention.
The wine is then racked and bottled.

Notes and Pairing
Golden yellow colour. To the nose notes of salted caramel, almonds, orange peel, toffee, tobacco, figs the palate just backs this up with huge intensity and wave after wave of complex and heady flavours and extreme length. As well as what’s on the nose you’ll get delicious rancio characters on the palate and hints of burnt toffee, figs and raisins. It is super concentrated and yet balanced by a good vibrant acid backbone.

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