Autumn News

From an agronomic point of view 2020 has been an excellent year for Corzano e Paterno so far. The white grape harvest began a little earlier than usual this year because of climate change, as is unfortunately now the norm. Nevertheless, we are happy with how the weather has been this growing season.

We began the grape harvest in the last week of August. In September brought in the Merlot grapes and a little later the Sangiovese, our most important variety It is used to make 80 percent of our wines.

We are optimistic about this year’s harvest and Arianna Gelpke, our enologist and cellar master, is very happy with the quality of the grapes. We have now completed the harvest; all grapes are in the cellar and fermentation is in full swing. In our next newsletter we will be able to tell you how the 2020 vintage is turning out. Everything suggests that you, Corzano e Paterno’s friends, will be very pleased with the results.

Our four thousand olive trees seem to not be affected by pests this year so we are looking forward to producing a high quality olive oil again in 2020. This is great news for us after the total loss of production in 2019. Of course, as we follow the tenets of organic agriculture, pesticides are never used on our estate.

In June, July and August we had many guests enjoying their holidays in our agriturismo. We see this as a positive sign that people, under the right circumstances, are able to travel again and leave behind, at least for a little while, the hardships of past months.

Our sheep have produced an extraordinary amount of milk this year. After their three month rest and once their lambing season is over our production will start up again at the end of November.