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Lingotto d’oro


Pack of 130 gr.
This washed rind cheese acquires a golden rind after being repeatedly washed with brine. The result is a soft and creamy cheese with a delicate flavour. Its format, reminiscent of an ingot (lingotto in Italian), makes it stand out on a cheese platter. Each cheese weighs about 130gr.

It was created by Nicoletta, who has been with us in the dairy for ten years, after starting as an apprentice during her degree in food science and technology. Some years ago she went on a research trip to New Zealand and Australia and learned this new process which she then applied to our milk, with excellent results.

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Milk at 29°C with added ferments and Penicillium
Calf rennet
Curd broken into large chunks
Curd poured into rectangular moulds
Brief steaming
Salted by immersion in brine
Ageing cellar at 12°C with repeated washing
Aged for three weeks
Circa 130 gr weight