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One day my cheese guru (I am talking about fifteen years ago) explained to me that making a cheese similar to Roquefort “would be very difficult and would need enormous expertise…. I wouldn’t bother”, and on that note my adventure began.

Our Blu tends to crumble so its difficult to cut an actual slice, if eaten in a salad or melted into a risotto it gives enormous pleasure. The internal colour is white with the greeny/black areas of penicillum mould. This year, by slightly changing the technique, I have finally achieved the right amount of blue veins, and that has really been a real satisfaction….thank you guru! The shape is square or round and it comes in an elegant silver wrap in sizes of 1 kg or  500 gr..

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Milk at 29°C with added ferments and
Calf rennet
Curd broken hazelnut size, dried for one hour
Curd poured into square moulds
Salted by hand
Ageing cellar at 12°C with repeated piercing of the cheeses
Aged for two months
Sizes: 1 kg or  500 gr. weight

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500 gr., 1,00 Kg.