Life on our winery

Our government’s “lockdown” regulation was certainly the right decision. But it requires people, even us who live in the country, to give up a lot of freedom of movement. The usual colorful life on Corzano e Paterno with guests from all over the world has come to a complete standstill. However, as agricultural estates in Italy, including Corzano e Paterno, are considered vital industries and businesses and our work goes on.

We have just finished planting a new vineyard, mainly Canaiolo and Sangiovese, which will start producing in three years. Our Corzanello range has been bottled, and the red, rosé and white 2019 are now available.

Our sheep keep producing abundant milk and although our farm shop is only open one day week at the moment (Saturday) we have started a home delivery service in our area.

So life continues. We look forward to this being over and being able to return to welcoming our guests from all over the world.