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This cheese is produced all year. It is made at a low temperature to preserve the aroma and flavour of fresh milk. The curd is cut into small pieces, stirred for ten minutes and then poured into perforated plastic moulds. Like all our cheese it is then put in a warm steam oven for several hours until it is nice and compact. During this time the whey seeps out and is collected to be transformed into ricotta. The next day it is salted in a brine solution for 24 hours and then shelved in a cold cellar at 12°C. It is ready to eat from one month onwards. Following a Tuscan tradition in May, pecorino must be eaten with fava beans, otherwise I personally love it combined with a pear.

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Milk at 32°C with added ferments
Calf rennet Curd
broken hazelnut size, dried for 20 minutes
Curd poured into cylindrical moulds
Slow steaming Salted by immersion in brine
Ageing cellar at 13°C
Ageing from one to three months
Circa 1.6 kg weight

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800 gr., 1,60 Kg.