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Pack of 500 gr.
Traditionally an ancient Tuscan cheese made with vegetable rennet extracted from a thistle in the artichoke family. We discovered that it has been made locally in the village of Lucardo for many, many years and we are proud to continue its tradition.

Our interpretation is much softer and has a creamy texture, at its best in spring. It is sold five days after production and is a perfect substitute for mozzarella. Slice up some tomatoes and add a drizzle of oil, and you have a ‘caprese’. The shape is oval and weighs 500gr.

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Milk at 29°C with added ferments
Calf or vegetable (cardoon) rennet
Curd broken into large chunks
Curd poured into oval moulds
Brief steaming
Salted by hand
Ageing cellar at 13°C
Ageing minimum two days
Circa 500 gr weight