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Seemed an appropriate name for such an important cheese, infact with no offence to the Tuscans, on the label I have drawn Dante’s famous hooked nose beside that of the Sardinian sheep, as they are quite surprisingly similar!
This last creation is inspired by the traditional Cheddar and so likewise it is wrapped in linen and aged for a minimum of 8 months on wooden shelves.
It has a texture very similar to Parmisan, in that it tends to crumble and has a wonderful intense aroma.
Each form weighs around 6kg but we also sell in smaller pieces. Available mostly from November to April.

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Milk temperature at 36°c with added ferments
Calf rennet
Curds broken like a rice grain and dried , slowly heating up the
mass to 48°c
Curd poured into high forms and pressed
Slow steaming and next day a long immersion in salt brine
Ageing cellar at 13°c for minimum 8 months
Each cheese weighs 6kg

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500 gr., 1 Kg.