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Il Passito 2000
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ARCHIVE - Il Passito 2000

2000 Vino da Tavola

Variety: Trebbiano 80 %, Malvasia 20 %

This wine since the introduction of the DOC Vin Santo del Chianti in 1995 is not allowed to be labelled with the denomination Vin Santo as the Alcohol level must be a minimum of 13% by vol.

Manual harvest on the 23-24 Sept.2000.

Grape clusters dried on grids for 5 months until February 2001.

Fermentation in 100lt oak barrels,

Elevation in barrels (caratelli) for 10 years.

Bottled in February 2011.

2000, 0.375lt Bottles produced

Alc. 11% Total Acidity 7,7g/l., Residual sugar 370 g/l. Extract 56g/l

date: 07/11/2013