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Corzano e Paterno



(bedrooms – 1 bathroom)

‘Gina’ is the name we have given to one of the houses in the complex of buildings that make up the Corzano side of the farm. (When the farm was purchased, Gina’s family lived there and helped to work the land of Corzano; she is the last person from that era to have lived there, an authentic Tuscan of tenacious spirit and twinkling blue eyes.)

This group of houses, with its defense tower, has existed on this site since at least the XIV century. Its position on the crest of the hill overlooks the Pesa Valley and the historic Via Cassia which connects Florence to Siena on its progress to Rome. On the other side of the hill is the calm, verdant Valley of Three Streams (Tre Borri) that divides the Corzano hill from the Paterno hill. ‘Gina’ occupies the tower section of the complex and is thought to be the oldest part of Corzano. Its arches, architectonic whims and unusual curves, its wood beamed ceilings, high and airy, and its sandstone stairs all testify to its great age and many transmutations.

Gina : on the ground floor, a spacious sitting room-dining room and a kitchen with fireplace
on the first floor, large double bedrooms, a twin bedroom, a bathroom with shower and bathtub, and washing machine

Gina has a private garden area with an ancient well.
Corzano’s pool is also for the use of those staying in Gina.

Prices 2017per week, per apartment (min. rent. 3 days)

High Season: 1.120 euro

from 30 March to 2 November  2017
from 24 December 2017 to 3 January 2018

Low Season: 800 euro

from 2 January to 29 March 2017  
from 3 November to 23 December 2017 

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contact person: Katiuscia Passeri